MOGLO is a North American/German/Brazilian rock&roll band based out of Hessen, Germany.
With JoJo Günther on drums/percussion and Fernando Yokota on the bass, the MOGLO rhythm section can pump like a locomotive and purr like a kitty. With Julian Gee on guitar/vocals and charting singer/songwriter/producer Michal Bandac on lead vocals/guitar, the MOGLO sound is incredibly rich, layered and diverse. Last, (but definitely not least), MOGLO's rotating cast of "special-guest-violinists-and-piano-players" doesn't hurt either.

Portrait 1
Michal Bandac

Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Portrait 5
Fernando Yokota

Peter Gabriel, David Garrett, Deep Purple, Frankfurt Philharmonic Orchestra

Portrait 4
Julian Gee

Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Portrait 3
Johannes Günther

Drums, Percussion